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Our Mission

is to

Improve business presence online


Be distinguished for our exceptional

customer service

Who We Are

We're a small team who are passionate and dedicated, driven by a desire to take on challenges! Our believe is to meet the client's needs by empowering their business image on the web. We do what we love, and thus, this keeps us enthusiastic about our work. Our dedication will reflect on your project and we will take pride in our work which will help improve your business's online presence. We are always looking forward to take on new challenges so if you have anything in mind do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll work something out!

Our Commitment

We take our commitment very seriously, we offer exceptional customer service and are willing to go out of our way to assist you with any queries which you may encounter. For us it is not simply about technology and websites, it's about building a strong relations with out customers and keeping them satisfied with our support.

We won't make you wait, we know that time is money, and thus we offer prompt service and take action on issues in order to solve them quickly and accurately. Our aim is to leave a positive impression by doing our best, thus, we make sure to be always be readily available for any assistance required.

Why Us

Knowledge & Experience

Our team is specialised and certified in software development. We keep updated with the latest technologies to always benefit and keep ahead !


We are passionate about our work, and thus this will be reflected on the project's outcome. Simply set-up a meeting and you will see for yourself. We are always happy to help with ideas and improvement for and online presence strategy.

We Listen

We do listen to you, and will incorporate your ideas in the project as it is expected and will give our input to you before applying them. Additionally during the development process, we will keep you in the loop to ensure the outcomes are the ones you actually desire and have planned.


After we listen to you and incorporate your input in the project, we will also give out our ideas on how to enhance the outcome and get most benefit from the website, it's just our though, if you wouldn't agree with our ideas, we will gladly discard them, but we are always willing to help and bring out the best from the websites we develop.


At Incode, we will go out of our day in order to create the perfect website for your business and thus, you can rest assured we will deliver a result you will be happy with!

We're Here

We are here for you! After completing a project, we are happy to assist with further development and carry out any adjustments as needed. We will gladly explain any features we offer and give tutorials on how to use the material provided.

The Process

At incode, we simply have a process which works, from getting to know you, learning about your idea, starting to act on it, present you with the designs, developing the website, launch the website and generating traffic ! Feel free to go through the entire flow.

Our Values


At incode, we manage all business matters with integrity, We uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical even through the most difficult situations. We seek to constantly maintain professional behaviour despite facing critical decisions while conducting business


We value our existing clients and strive to maintain their loyalty trough top quality service whilst establishing a solid relationship.


At incode we focus on representing the business image in a creative and innovative manner within the services offered.


We believe that having an optimistic attitude is a must in our company, as it allows you to stay positive, focused, work harder as well as generate will power. Therefore at incode we strive to be optimistic and endeavour all our projects with a positive attitude as to attain superior results.


Our clients are all of an enormous importance to us, and are much esteemed. We make sure that a business gets the services they need, and we do our best to exceed the client's expectation. This will give value to our clients and attain customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we will clearly state when a project would not be ideal to be initiated or maintained as it would not benefit the client as well as reflect bad on ourselves.


We know that our application will be utilized by both advanced and beginner users, and therefore make use of appropriate user experience (UX) designs as to maximised the applications usability, ease of use whilst simplifying the interaction between the user and the application.