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Website & Content Management

Website and Content Management

Keeping the website fresh

Changes and updates are inevitable in an online world, and thus maintenance for websites will always be needed. Although we provide a content management system (CMS) to update the content sections agreed on during requirements, there may still be some content which may still require some updating or perhaps the need for new pages for promotional offers and thus we provide the service for website and content maintenance which covers the following:

  • Modification of content on any page.
  • Add, modify of remove of products or services.
  • Creation of additional pages.

Even though you may have a CMS, we understand you may be too busy with your work and may not have enough time on your hands to maintain the website and thus we can input the record entries for you.

Why would you require new pages?

A major reason why new pages are required are landing pages. These are pages which you direct users to in order to close a deal when you are making an advertising campaign. Thus, these go hand in hand with digital marketing or simply in order to create a temporary page in order for seasonal offers. Benefits of having such pages include:

  • Fresh website content.
  • New social content.
  • SEO improvement.
  • Lead capturing and increase of viewers.
  • Advertisement conversion.

If you have something on your mind, we are more than happy to discuss and work something out.