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Website Design

Great web designs make first impressions count!

“Don't judge a book by its cover” is a metaphor most are familiar with, but when it comes to web designs this is quite the contrary! Website designs aid in creating great first impression and a lasting ones, which is very important when it comes to your online presence as they perceive future interactions with your business.

Web design also establishes your website's credibility, if a website design is a little sketchy, you will drive your clients away, but with a great web design layout and the proper business image you can assure your clients that you are a well-established company which means business and professionality. Whatever your idea, product or concept is we will help you deliver your message with a bespoke web design tailored specifically for your business.

Whether you have an existing brand or still need to go through the branding process, at incode we will assist you in setting up your ideal online business presence based on the meeting points and outlined requirements which will lead to creating a custom design specifically for your business.

What to expect from incode web designs!


We do not simply deliver a website design, we give our magical touch to make them unique and innovative. With an outstanding design we want to catch your client's eye and deliver the message you want it to! We are always researching and learning new techniques in order to create superior designs!


Not all end-users are tech savvy, therefore websites we create have a simple as to keep the website user friendly as possible. We make sure the designs have seamless navigation throughout the website, allowing the website pages to be easily reachable and with minimal effort.


Minimal links with sub-menus to avoid a cluttered website, descriptive links, usable from multiple devices whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile device. Designs are also created as a standard throughout all the browsers, will makes the website cross-browser compatible.

Mobile friendly

Mobile devices browsing have by far exceeded laptops and home computers, therefore, Incode designs websites which are responsive and mobile friendly. The designed websites will be accessible from multiple devices whether they are personal computers, laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.


The content structure of the page is designed to ensure that it is delivering the proper message, including the fonts used, font sizes, readable colours and emphasis on keywords. Web pages are designed to contain the right amount of data, and thus avoiding content cluttering. Fully detailed pages can be made available separately which are intended just for the users interested in that specific content.


If you are not happy with the image of your online image we will make the appropriate adjustments until it is perfect, because if you are not happy, we are not either! Although we do our best to exceed your website design expectations we understand that you may want some alterations in order to make the design impeccable. We want to be assured that our clients are satisfied with the final design and we will go out of our way to achieve that before proceeding to development stage.