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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS)

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software which gives control to manage the website's content segmented on several modules. Each module would allow different actions on the CMS to manage the website, and a module's main functionality would allow changes for text and images on the page. A CMS is used for various website purposes, for instance, restaurants it can be used to update their menus, for e-commerce applications to manage their orders, products and categories, for a an information website to update the content / services of their pages or for a blog in order to create new pages. Basically it is a system which is used internally by the website owner in order to manage the website content whatever it is.

Why is it essential?

The major benefit of a CMS is that a website owner would gain control over the website's content with just a few clicks. Thus, having a CMS would give the following benefits:

  • Always able to update the website with the latest services or products, menu updates without non-technicalities
  • Removing any old information such as out-of-stock products, incorrect opening hours, services which are no longer offered.
  • SEO improvement, since fresh content helps with ranking better on search engines.
  • Internal information management
  • Improves website maintenance
  • Gives control and access thanks to roles.

What does incode's CMS involve?

The beauty of our in-house developed CMS is that it can adapt to any website because it is fully customizable & flexible. Therefore, if a custom module is required, we will gladly develop it and extend the CMS modules available.

Our custom CMS contains several modules, mainly with the same aim, to manage the website's content on several pages and specific modules are selected based on your requirements needs, thus you only pay for the modules which are needed.

CMS Modules


Manage the product details, images, meta tags, price, visibility.


Manage the food /drinks menu and allows you to update the items listings, description, and prices.


Segments products or menu items in separate categories, which may also include an image, depending on the website design.


Change the slideshow banners along with any text which is displayed within.


Add new events and manage them by including event images and text.

Due to the clear structure, instructions and help provided it is fairly simple to carry out the changes in order to maintain your website. The benefit of the modular CMS is its flexibility, allowing additional modules (either existing or newly developed modules) to be installed at a later stage with no issue whatsoever.