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E-commerce solution benefits

A website can be much more than just a promotion to a business, you can start making a profit and start getting a return on investment by having an e-commerce system set up. This will allow your business to start selling online without the need of any physical presence, therefore you will be able to have an online shop available to sell items or services 24/7 and increase your profits.

E-commerce benefits

  • Online shop available 24/7, 365 days.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Promotion of products online.
  • Selling across the world.
  • Boosting your brand awareness
  • Increase your sales without increasing staff and stores.
  • Information about buying habits which aids to satisfy the needs accordingly.
  • Customers aiding in promotion by reviewing and rating products.
  • Decreasing time and cost of inventory management
  • Product information available without the need to intervene.
  • Analytics monitoring which helps to understand how to engage the customers for longer periods and aid in improvement of promotion.
  • Your businesses would become scalable and able grow in order to meet the market demands.

We will help by designing the website and set up the website for online shopping by creating a simple flow for the users from viewing to finalizing their purchase.

E-commerce features

Product Listing

Display product details, availability, quantity and selection any specifics (Ex: size and colour).

Shopping cart

A shopping bag while purchasing the items, update quantity & displaying the cart total value


Can be done either be done online or upon delivery. More options increase your chances to satisfy the client's expectations.

Login page

Faster checkout by pre-populating details for returning customers.

Order management

Orders can either be sent by e-mail or by a separate CMS module which will keep track of all orders.

Any features which are not listed above can be discussed and integrated as well since the software is in-house developed and can be modified according to your needs.