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Our Process

Transforming your ideas into reality !

Our Process

Let's get to know you better ! first of all we would have a kick-start meeting where we would get to know you, understand your needs ad have a better overview on what you and your users need !


Requirements Analysis

Getting started

We get to know your business better during a meeting where you can outline what you are expecting and what your ideal online image is. Through requirements analysis we can determine what the business needs are and create a clarified list of functional and technical requirements, from which the project can start to take shape.


Laying the groundwork

Research based on the gathered requirements and current online competition in the same business sector will be carried out. The outcome will determine which technologies will be used, the architecture, the structure of the website, pages to be created and modules required. Finally a quotation will be drafted, after all the needs are assessed.




Making it visual !

A design for the website is created based on the requirements and research results. A draft of the website design will be handed to you to confirm that the correct online image is created and adjustments are carried out accordingly to ensure you are satisfied with the final outcome.


Making the magic happen

During web development, code is written to create the layout and include all the components needed in order to bring the web design to life. The CMS will be connected with the website with the modules agreed during the requirements phase and a prototype will be displayed prior finalizing the process.



Testing & Performance

Improving & fine-tuning

Testing of the entire website is carried out which includes, functional links, all pages are working correctly and displaying the information they should. Tests are carried out on multiple browsers as well as on multiple resolutions and devices. Performance enhancements are carried out to ensure the website loads in minimal time.

Launch & SEO

Going live !

Search engine optimization techniques are implemented throughout the website in order to have a better chance of ranking higher. The website is then hosted as well as published on the search engines in order to start ranking. It will then be accessible online and would be officially launched!



Monitoring & Aftercare

Remaining up & running

We carry out monitoring to ensure the target audience are being reached and also to check the website's uptime. At incode we ensure our customers are satisfied and we are always happy to assist with any questions. Website & content management service is provided to cater for any maintenance required.

Digital Marketing

Getting noticed !

Even though through the use of SEO more traffic to the website is generated, advertising has proven to be the best way to increase website traffic and attract potential leads towards the website. Landing pages are a great asset to add new fresh content and attract your target market.